"2PM is last performer! After first song - ADTOY - over, whole stadium shouted 2PM ! 2PM! After that hands up ! Last song was 10 out of 10 , GOT7 came to the stage ! Taec : Isn’t this JYPN concert ?" Cr. kana眯眼控 via. besidewooyoung

"2PM and GOT7 danced together!!!" cr.2PMFAH

"Nichkhun and bambam next to each other at khun’s part" cr.2PMFAH

"Last part of 10/10 sunmi and got7 joined and seems like JYPN" cr.2PMFAH

"Lalalala pretty baby~ Khun and bambam dances ヽ(;▽;)ノ" cr.2PMFAH

"Jackson did doggie at 10/10 Me dies again" cr.2PMFAH

"BamBam’s still afraid of Junho. When he was standing next to him, he was really careful and purposely created a gap between them LOL" cr. (jap) real_raeyang via.myboytaec

"During 10/10, Bam Bam stands beside Nichkhun. He follows Nichkhun wherever he goes.. xD" Cr: jun92pmk Trans: Kara爱肉肉, GOT7_JYP

"2PM remained until last and called GOT7 to comeback at the stage. They bowed together. SASUGA 2PM" cr.2PMFAH

"When youngjae didn’t know what to do at the end of bowing part, khun slapped yongjae’s back as if saying you have to bow.lol" cr.2PMFAH

"when leaving the stage, wooyoung was smiling and hugging with junior. Junho and JB put their arms around each other shoulder" cr. ailavwoo via; kara愛肉肉 via.phny0203


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GOT7 dancing and rapping to ‘full moon

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2PM & GOT7 paper kissing game!!

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JYP Nation Namjas | 2PM ♥ 2AM ♥ GOT7

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8/ Reasons To Love JYP Nation | Never say 'NO' to Food

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introducing new wgm couple, jinwoo!!

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Sunmi, GOT7, 15&, Ayeon & Lena!!! JYP Nation is Family!!!
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sunmi’s win for full moon + lena & got7 
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GOT7's reaction watching kkab Min's dance…

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"14.02.21 [Fukuoka Airport] 2PM boys surrounded the Got 7 boys like they were protecting them!!!"

cr kana眯眼控 (via __pearlyboey)
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I’m really happy for GOT7. I’m happy they debuted, I’m happy that they’re making their dreams come true, I’m happy they’re with JYP and I’m really for them that they have 2PM as sunbaes. We know that they’re not perfect, but we know that whenever, however they can…on stage or off, 2PM are going to take care of GOT7. Whether JYP is one of the Big 3, whether they’re the most popular, or have the most fans, I’m a fan regardless because of the People they are.

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introducing jyp nation’s #1 troll, WANG JACKSON!!

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Min dancing to GOT7 ‘girls girls girls

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jb & jr. with jyp nation (jj project era)

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