"Ever since I decided to be a Hottest, I will keep standing here, won’t even think about stepping down from this fandom. NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, Hottest forever"

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and I will love 2pm forever. Forever.

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Tonight’s audience!

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@taeccool: 2PM stars were so bright tonight~ As expected, our Hottests!! Go back home safe~

@2PMagreement211: Today 2PM Milky Way was really beautiful!!! Thank you so much ^^ ILU Hottest!!!! Mwaha!!

@2PMagreement211: Ah the stars ㅋㅋㅋ…

@Khunnie0624: HOTTEST! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Thank you!! It was really pretty~ Go back home safe!!~^^

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Thai Hottests turns their lights on for 2AM also!!! ♥Beautiful♥
Thank You Hottests ^_^
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“Nichkhun sent his mother to help flooding situation by donating boats, food and money to releive Thai people from flooding crisis.” ()

“People in the company understand the situation as they know I am Thai and love Thailand. Everyone has been to Thailand and love the country. They all want to come back. When they see the floods in Thailand, they were all sad even though it is not their mother land. They all wanted the situation to be better so they helped.” - Nichkhun ()

“The Korean boy band was also the first Hallyu group to make a donation of 130 million won in October toward the flood victims through the Korean Red Cross.” ()

“Q. If you could fly somewhere right now, where would you go? A. I would fly to my homeland Thailand, recently hit by major floods, to do volunteer work.” ()

“Dear all,
This is Nichkhun’s mother. In the behalf of Nichkhun and Thai Hottest, We are very grateful for your support to help raise the fund to support Thai people whom effected by the flooding.

With the fund, we have done so much for examples, donating boats to safe life, donating food, medicines and the dairy use stuff as well as parachute jackets etc… In addition, Thai Hottest also self volunteer to help in anyway that they can.

With support from Hottest around the world, it has given the strong spirit for Thai Hottest to do all the good deed. We are all deeply appreciated. Thank you so much.

Khun’s Mom and Thai Hottest.” ()

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