got7- GO CRAZY
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he’s the most excited about his own divorce

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jaebum casually ruining your life

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because being normal is too mainstream………

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aegyo w/jackson ft jaebum

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to the guy who makes my heart flutter and my cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much, happy happy happy birthday! 

i hope today you’re as happy as you make me, which is a lot. enjoy all the food and gifts you will get!! (p.s - you better wear the fangifts i got you…….) make sure to share your cake with everyone else, okay? and don’t stay up too late partying! you have to study for your college entrance exams >;o

anyways~ please never ever stop smiling. all i ever want it to see you happy, because you deserve nothing but good things in your life, you gifted angel. thank you for being the amazing and positive person that you are, because as cheesy as this sounds, your existence alone makes my life worth living. i love you, GOT7’s main vocalist, the visual “nichkinbi,” and vitamin of the group, choi youngjae! 
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@dlwnsghek: @jypnation When is our Party Version MV coming out?

@dlwnsghek: @jypnation Mm? When is it coming out

@dlwnsghek@jypnation spit it out, spit it out

@dlwnsghek: @jypnation I’m the only one talking to you, right? Answer me

@dlwnsghek: @jypnation I have to go to the movie filming set, answer quickly ㅠㅠ

@taeccool: @dlwnsghek @jypnation It Nuneo, you’ve been hacked? Why’re you suddenly so talkative?ㅋㅋㅋ Btw when is party ver coming out?

@dlwnsghek: @jypnation GO CRAZY
#G #O #C #R #A #Z #Y
#AreYou #Crazy?
#YouCray #ImNotCursing #PartyVer #When?

@dlwnsghek: I’m tweeting a lot today, huh. GO CRAZY. Cray cray this is not a cuss word. #미친거아니야 #미친아ForShort

@jypnation: @dlwnsghek @taeccool Party version M/V is going to be released at noon. Until then let’s focus on online downloads and streaming!! :) Go Crazy Daebak!!

@taeccool: @jypnation @dlwnsghek Ah… it was 12 o’clock at noon?ㅋㅋㅋ Sorry… Mr admin, go to sleep… but keep that streaming on, eh?

@dlwnsghek: @jypnation thank you I love you
But go crazy?

@2PMagreement211: @jypnation @dlwnsghek @taeccool You should announce such things in advance ㅜㅜ.. Got me all excited ㅠㅠ..

@dlwnsghek: @2PMagreement211 @jypnation @taeccool I told you. Didn’t you just forget? Aren’t we all crazy?

@2PMagreement211: @dlwnsghek @jypnation @taeccool i… is that so..

@Jun2daKAY: Our Junho #미친거아니야 ? Crazy promo for #2PM

@2PMagreement211: @Jun2daKAY @dlwnsghek Party version at noon 12 o’clock…

trans. by 2pmalways [T/N: 미친거아니야 in Korean for short is 미친아, but it also means “you stupid” or “you crazy.” That’s why Junho says “This is not a curse.”]

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Go Crazy' with Dispatch

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you okay there, Taecyeon?

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She`s Ma Girl
4집 미친거 아니야?
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2PM (투피엠) - She’s Ma Girl

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4집 미친거 아니야?
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2PM (투피엠) - 비가와 (Rain)

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4집 미친거 아니야?
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2PM (투피엠) - Boyfriend

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2PM (투피엠) - Mine

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